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Finish carpentry

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 If you are looking for finish carpentry, woodworking, or mill work at great quality and a reasonable rate, Finish Right Construction is the contractor to call in Lincoln city , Oregon! Our finish carpentry work is detailed and precise.  it is  built tough and made well to last for years to come. Our experience  in carpentry is extensive and are more than prepared to provide customized work, tailored for your needs.  we have a great passion for what we do and are grateful to be doing it everyday.  we began as a full service general contracting company providing residential remodels and has since evolved into  focusing on providing homeowners with detail oriented design and installation of doors, mill work, wainscoting on walls and stairways hand rails and balusters installation.  we have proven time and time again to adapt to changing trends, and deliver precision work to fit you needs. 

     Mill work from Finish Right Construction is exceptional! We work with the most modern and effective equipment, and our team maintain a level of thoroughness and care at every moment. The result is precise lumber that aligns with your stipulations, guaranteed. 

 We maintain a small, dedicated team of conscientious tradesman and work closely with all of our clients to deliver on thoughtful design and excellent workmanship.
Our creative woodworking team does everything from setting cabinets and doors and installing custom casings around doors and windows, elegant  wainscoting,  and stair case hand rails, crown molding and base trim. Everything we do is quality. Our team will communicate effectively with you before the project is carried out so that we accurately deliver you your vision for the product. We want to take your vision for woodwork you desire and manifest them into reality by employing our vast expertise and passion for craftsmanship. We never let our customers down!

 Finish  right constructions Carpentry work is becoming more  reputable and our client base is growing with it every year.  We place the customer and his or her needs at the forefront of everything that we do, and this philosophy has brought us nothing but success and more business.  this includes clear communication about what our clients want to get out of woodworking service. We work with local distributors such as PARR LUMBER and BUILDERS1stSOURCE to to make sure you receive the right product for the best price.

Why work with another carpentry contractor in the region, especially since we have made it clear, we are capable of any task you need completed? quit searching and get a hold of us today. Plus, all of our work is supplied at an affordable rate that is agreeable to customers of varying financial backgrounds. We aim to become the go to contractor  for woodworking, finish carpentry, and mill work in the local area by providing perfect work at a customer-friendly price. So far, we have done much to accomplish our goal, and we are not stopping any time soon!

 Finish Right construction is your spot for custom carpentry in Lincoln city, OR ! Make the smart choice for your woodworking project. Get in touch with us today! 

Victorian  style door trim installation

Victorian  style door trim installation

information about what Finish Carpentry is?

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Finish carpentry

Finish carpentry refers to the final touches that make a house a home. Finish carpenters work on homes after the structure is fully built, insulated, wired, and plumbed. For this reason, finish carpenters can perform most of their work before or after the homeowner moves into a home. Some homeowners perform DIY finish carpentry in their own homes. However, as with most projects, a professional finishing carpenter can typically perform the work more quickly and professionally, although for a higher monetary cost. 

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What Is A Finish Carpentry Project?


Almost any visible wood in a home was put there by a carpenter. Finish carpentry projects can include basic, functional items such as  flooring or trim. Most of the skilled and specific finish carpentry work, however, is aesthetic. Finish carpenters typically:

  • cut and add design flourishes to window and door trim
  • install and dress up baseboards at the floor and crown molding at the ceiling
  • install crown molding, wainscoting, and wall paneling 
  • build in bookshelves, intricate fireplace surrounds, and closets.

A home owner or builder may hire a finish carpenter for any of these projects on finishing a new home or remodeling and existing house.

 finish carpentry work. interior base trim installation

What it takes

 Finishing carpenters must have an intimate knowledge of the aesthetics and properties of construction woods and keep up with new developments and trends.  Of course, finish carpenters also need to understand and use a wide range of adhesives, fasteners and tools. Different finish carpentry jobs can call for vastly different materials. Finish carpentry is a physically demanding job, but a rewarding one that offers obvious, fast, and pleasing results. 

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