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What We Do

Our past painting  projects include both new construction and repairs/restorations. Occupied and fully operational job sites are never a problem.  we can also plan and manage  multi- color phase jobs. we can paint the exterior of any size home or building As a painting contractor we always inspect siding for damaged areas or dry rot. We also inspect for failed caulking to make sure you get the most life out of your paint job.  We have been painting houses and commercial buildings in Lincoln City and along the Oregon coast for over a decade. We know how to get the most life out of your new paint job whether it is interior painting or exterior painting.

we also offer fine finish interior door and trim painting.

 in most cases our painting company uses commercial grade airless spraying equipment. We can paint your home fast and efficient, making is convenient and saving you money. We can guarantee a clean consistent finish thru the whole painting project.

. Are painting  services include:

Interior & exterior 

Residential & commercial 

Painting & staining

pressure washing


Dry rot  repair

finish right construction painting the interior of a customers home in Lincoln city Oregon.

Contractor client experince

We offer an end-to-end client experience that includes seamless communication, budgeting, staffing, on-site organization, and solid, quality painting  every time. We can help you select the paint that is right for you. You will not be disappointed if you choose us as your painting contractor.  we are a painting company located in the small town of Lincoln City, we know word of mouth is everything and your satisfaction is are top priority


Why Choose Us?

 We have worked with homeowners and paint reps for years.  we only use the best paint distributors such as  Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams. We are local painting company in a small community, Our business has been built off of word of mouth and customer satisfaction. We have references from home owners to local businesses.  we are easy to communicate with  and can produce professional  work we think you'll love. Call us today and get on Our schedule for your next  painting project.

what are the different paint types and sheen?

Finish right construction can help you select the right paint and sheen for your project.

 Unsure which paint is best for your project? Don't skip the research. The type of paint you choose is More important than the color, and can have a major effect on the character of your room and the feel you want to achieve. 


The majority of wall paint sold today is water-based, primarily because of its ease of use. If your surface has been previously coated with an oil-based product, be cautious when switching to water-based paint because in some situations  it may have trouble sticking. In this situation, Sherwin-Williams recommends washing the surface and then roughening it all over with a medium to smooth grit sandpaper—making it clean, dry, and dull in order to prevent peeling of the new coat.

Advantages of water-based paints

  • no mildew growth
  • low VOCs (low levels of toxic emissions)
  • easy cleanup with water
  • quick drying
  • an elastic, flexible finish resistant to cracking
  • can be used on almost all surfaces
  • stable color over time, doesn't yellow or fade in sunlight



Oil-based paint can be used on almost all surfaces, and is praised for its high durability and rich finish. Still, be cautious, as oil paint emits strong fumes that can be overwhelming, and the paint cannot be washed with water. If you choose oil paint, solvents like paint thinner are necessary for washing brushes or other materials with unwanted paint on them.

Advantages of oil-based paints

  • attractive gloss
  • good for high-moisture rooms (ex. bathroom or kitchen)
  • good "leveling" (brush strokes fill themselves in to create a smooth finish)
  • hard, durable finish 



Sheen options vary by manufacturer, so its best to have the same manufactures paint on hand when it comes to touch ups.  All paint sheens share similar characteristics so down below I have outlined the difference so you can make an educated choice. 


Matte paint:

  • is the least reflective sheen available
  • has a velvety texture
  • helps hides imperfections in walls and ceilings
  • offers great depth of color
  • is generally considered the standard sheen for walls
  • can sometimes be difficult to clean


Eggshell and satin paint (satin is slightly glossier than eggshell):

  • have some reflectivity
  • offer improved durability
  • are frequently used in demanding environments, like kitchens and bathrooms, where easy cleanup without a highly glossy finish is desired


Semi-gloss and gloss paint:

  • great for kitchens, doors, window trim, accent walls, and bathrooms
  • are the most reflective sheens
  • are highly durable and stand up to multiple cleanings
  • are traditionally used on baseboards, moldings, and doors
  • can make a statement, but also highlight imperfections

Before and after pictures of an  exterior house repaint. by finish right construction.

Before and after pictures of an  exterior house repaint. by finish right construction.

watch us paint in action

Check out this great video of finish right construction painting the exterior of a 3 story home! In this video you will see what its like standing at the top of a 40 foot ladder.

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drop us a line!


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